Kufex Syrup

Kufex Syrup

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Relief from cold, cough and Bronchitis

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Description : Kufex contains authentic herbal extracts which impart anti-allergic anti-inflammatory, mucolytic and expectorant effect to harmlessly facilitate expulsion of phlegm and restore normal breathing.

Essential Ingredients/ Tablet


Ocimum sanctum

1.25 gm


Glycyrrhiza glabra

1.25 gm


Adhatoda vasica

1.25 gm


Pistacia intgerrima

1.00 gm


Zingiber officinale;

1.00 gm


Foeniculum vulgare

1.00 gm


Piper longum

1.00 gm


Tylophora asthmatica

1.00 gm


Vitis venifera

1.00 gm


Eletteria cardamomum

0.09 gm

 Salient Features

• It helps to mobilize mucus in bronchitis and asthma.

• Severe respiratory conditions like asthma, sore throats, coughing and bronchitis, can be treated using liquorice. It has proved beneficial in treating sore throat, cough and anorexia and persistent low fever.

• Vasicine on oxidation converts into vasicinone which also is a very effecient bronchodilator. Hence Adhatoda is very useful for treating chronic and acute bronchitis, allergy and asthma, whooping cough, emphysema and obstructive airway ailments.

• They are used in the treatment of coughs, asthma.

• Among the various health benefits of ginger the common one is its effect on cold and cough, with antibacterial and antiseptic property ginger can be very effective towards cold.

• Eliminate cold and provide relief in repiratory infections like asthma & bronchitis.

• The medicine provides better circulation of blood and enhances the immune system. Pippali provides great relief from cough and throat infections.

• Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-spasmodic actions and useful for the treatment of asthma.

• They boost overall body immunity. it contains catechins which are good in health protecting functions. it protects from fungal and viral infections.

• Treats respiratory conditions like coughing, asthma and loss of voice aids in the elimination of toxins through skin.


Relief from cold, cough and bronchitis

 Dosage: 1-2 tea spoon thrice a day with warm water or as per advice of the doctor