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(Pack of 1 Strip x 10 Tablets / Pack of 10 Strips x 10 Tablets) Promotes weight loss without loss of energy. Helps to reach and maintain the ideal weight. Modulates appetite and boosts fat burning. PHL’s Lipozer contains certif...
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(Pack of 1 Sachet x 5g / Pack of 15 Sachets x 5g) Effective Herbal Bowel Regulator.  Use for ocassional or chronic constipation associated with bowl syndrome, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids and convalescence. Sugar Free & Effe...
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(200ml) Stimulates digestive enzymes, controls acidity & gas formation, indigestion, constipation, flatulence & loss of appetite. Salient Features It may improve digestion and reduce digestive ailments Anti-inflammator...
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(Pack of 100g Powder) Used for healthy bowel movement and detoxification. A Powerful Constipation Reliever Salient Features More surface area than larger size particles. Absorbs and entraps excess fat molecules in the diet. Mo...

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