About Us

Our Company
We are a Herbal and Nutraceutical Company, manufacturing a large range of products with applications to Joint Restoration, Cough & Cold, Gynaecological & Derma Care, Digestion, Anti-obesity, Hepato-Protective, Diabetes, Cholesterol management, Vision & Memory and Wellness.

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, offering the best of nature to the world is Planet Herbs Lifesciences. A modern research-based organization devoted to the development of natural medicines of the highest quality.

Planet Herbs Lifesciences offers a judicious mix of time-honoured wisdom, traditional knowledge, sound clinical experience and rigorous scientific research to evaluate the effectiveness of each of its products. Our team of top-ranking professionals, herbalists and naturopaths conduct clinical evaluations to evaluate the effectiveness of these products.

Planet Herbs Lifesciences was set up in 2005 to provide top-quality Herbal & Nutraceutical Healthcare Products. We have WHO-GMP compliance with a manufacturing unit in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

Additionally, we manufacture a full range of Herbal Cosmetics for our sister company Paul Penders Singapore.

• GMP - Ayush, India
• Halal - Cosmetics
• Approved manufacturing facility with the Ministry of Health, UAE, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Russia.
• EWG verified
• AVA (American Vegan Association)certified.
Manufacturing Capabilities
• Tablets & Capsules
• Powder
• Liquid Syrup & Oil
• Ointment
• Skin, Body, Hair, Baby & Men’s Care
• Makeup Colour Cosmetics
• Perfume

5 Reasons why one should prescribe PHL Products
1. Chronic Ailments & Natural Brands: The ever-growing chronic problems associated with the modern lifestyle, motivated PHL doctors to focus their resources on developing unique herbal formulae complementing the modern medicine range.

2. Quality Paramount: PHL is driven by the passion to be one of the most respected global corporates. In order to do so innovation, in-house R & D and all necessary quality assurance & quality control steps are strictly adhered to as per the global requirements without any compromise under any circumstance. All the products are free from Heavy Metals and Pesticides.

3. Only Positive effects: All Products manufactured are having only positive effects as they are ensured to be free from heavy metals and pesticides and are sourced from the most authentic suppliers from across the world. The patients can take all these medicines, for long period without side effects in chronic ailments.

4. International Packaging & Aesthetics: PHL’s concern for quality preservation under testing environmental conditions of our country was utilized as an opportunity to provide the best quality of packaging along with pleasing aesthetics. The biodegradable, convenient-to-open containers, used for packaging are a step ahead of the rest in this direction.

5. Regular Supplies: PHL is committed to reaching the required quantity of products to maintain the regular availability of products of your choice as:

• Our business model is designed to have a customer-focused approach.
• Long-term business association based on values and commitments to be met every time, month after month and year after year.

Contract Manufacturing
1. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.: Volini Active Herbal Gel and Olesan Nasal Decongestant Oil. Formerly Ranbaxy.
2. Venus Remedies Limited: Trois and Ampucare.
3. ARI Healthcare Pvt. Ltd: Ariflex, Aricleanse & Wound Healing Cream.
4. Nutramarc Sports Nutrition & Company: Test booster& L-Arginine.
5. Albert David Limited: Adliv forte, Adliv Syrup and Siotone. 6. Ten ABZ Sports Nutrition: Whey Protein (Chocolate FL), Weight Gainer, Mass Gainer, B Fit Gold tablet, Caffeine tablet, Joint Support tablet, Liver Detox tablet, MultiVitamin capsules, Testo Booster tablet, L-Arginine capsules, Amino BCAA and many more.