Easy Ways To Love Your Liver

Easy Ways To Love Your Liver

The liver is to your body, what an RO is to water. It takes out the bad and leaves in the good.

It filters out all the impurities that us careless people put into our systems, keeping our blood clean.

In addition to this, it also produces enzymes essential for digestion and stores a variety of vitamins and minerals.  It’s safe to say that the liver is pretty damned important.

The lifestyle’s we lead today, have quite a major impact on our liver. Though alcohol gets most of the bad rap as far as liver problems are concerned, there are many other things that one needs to watch out for.

Foodstuffs with high saturated fat content play a major role in causing fatty liver diseases. Today’s fitness culture, with high amounts of protein and other dietary and metabolic supplements, puts a lot of stress on this organ.

But let’s be honest, it’s not really possible to completely remove these things from our diets, but what you can try and do, is add a few things to even out this equation.


How Do I Make It Up To My Liver?

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Oxidation is an essential part of our metabolisms, but it also has a negative side to it. Free radicals generated during this process, cause a lot of damage to the body in general, and to the liver too.

So, incorporate antioxidants into your diet. Green Tea is one of the best ways to achieve this.Its anti-oxidant properties are well known. Its anti-oxidant properties are well known.


Vitamin C helps the liver flush itself of toxins, thereby improving its functionality.

So, add a little Lemon to your life. Or, combine the above two, and add a little lemon to your Green Tea for a double impact. Amla, or Gooseberries, are something that I personally developed a fondness for during my childhood. My grandfather used to extol its virtues and would start his day with a serving of “Amle ka Murabba“, Sweet Gooseberry pickle. Amlas are good for the liver too, as they are rich in Vitamin C .


Garlic, a constant presence in our kitchens, has virtues beyond those of a spice and a vampire repellent. It is rich in selenium, which the liver needs in trace amounts to function healthily.

Most people baulk at eating cooked garlic forget eating it raw, but since it’s an essential part of most masalas, you’re good.


Many of us have spent out childhood trying to wriggle out of eating our daily helpings of “Daal”AllDaals, or lentils, together with peas, and soybeans are grouped in the category of Legumes, which are beneficial to the liver. Mint, also falls under that category. So, make sure to include a serving of lentils or any legumes, in your daily diet.


Turmeric Root, is in effect, a panacea, a cure-all. It has numerous benefits, which are being studied.

Every Indian household knows of its antiseptic properties, but new research suggests that it may help fight if not cure certain types of cancer, amongst other things. Turmeric has also been shown to help counteract fatty liver disease. From experience, I can tell you, Turmeric pickle is very tasty, and an easy way to get your daily dose. 


Beetroots are a fantastic addition to make to your diet.

Not only do they contain antioxidants, they are also rich in Betaine which keeps the liver and bile ducts healthy.

You can eat it however you wish, raw, boiled, roasted or juiced.



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