Quality Policy

  • The manufacturing facility and processes at Planet Herbs Lifesciences meet the stringent Good Manufacturing Practices, as per “revised schedule-M” laid down by the drug Controller (General) INDIA.
  • The WHO – GMP norms are followed at PHL to ensure compliance with International Standards of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
  • At PHL Quality Assurance Professionals are regularly trained and updated in tune with the latest International developments, while the Quality Control Department is regularly equipped with the latest and best of instruments.
  • Through International up-date and in-house R&D, PHL is committed to developing and acquiring products which are completely safe, very effective and are value for money.
  • The raw material for the products are sourced through the most authentic suppliers from across the world and are tested for quality before being used for product manufacturing.
  • The products are manufactured with exceptional precision and are tested for the elimination of heavy metals and pesticides.
  • We are firmly committed to reaching the highest quality of herbal healthcare products to our customers, across the Globe and exceeding their expectations in terms of quality every time.

List of Equipments (Quality Control)

S. No. Instrument Name Make Used For
1 Gas Chromatography Agilent Technology Pesticides Analysis, OVI Analysis
2 HPLC Agilent Technology Assay Analysis of RM & FP
3 pH analyzer LABINDIA (PHAN) Water Analysis & Mobile Phase Preparation
4 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer Identification Test of Raw Materials
5 Digital Balance Mettler Micro weighing
6 Auto Karl Fischer titrator Effen technology Moisture Content Analysis
7 Disintegration tester Electro lab Disintegration test analysis
8 Tablets Dissolution Tester Electro lab Dissolution test analysis