Tulsi (holy basil) The Incomparable One

Tulsi (holy basil) The Incomparable One

Tulsi, or Holy Basil as it’s known outside India, has always been a centerpiece of almost every Indian household. Be it because of its religious or cultural significance, or because of its plethora of beneficial properties.

Tulsi : The Elixir Of Life

Tulsi has been termed an adaptogen. The meaning of this fancy sounding term is something that every grandma has always know. An adaptogen is a substance which stabilizes the body’s natural processes and help in maintaining that balance when faced with stress.

This is something that I and I’m sure you all must have experienced yourself too. If not, a simply brewed cup of light tea with tulsi steeped in it, is extremely soothing and relaxing. It’s something that I find myself sipping on quite often, after a long days work.


Coughs, Colds and Everything in Between

One of the most effective and common use of Tulsi is to relieve symptoms of Influenza, the common cold. It is a natural expectorant , that means, it helps the body in getting rid of the excess mucous generated when one’s down with a cold.

A simple remedy, combines the power of Tulsi, Honey and Ginger into one heavy hitting cold reliever. Steep a half inch of pounded ginger and a half dozen Tulsi leaves in freshly boiled water, add a teaspoon of honey and consume while it’s still warm. It’s effects are almost instantaneous, and very soothing for a sore throat.


The Superman Of Herbs

Ayurveda extensively uses Tulsi for a variety of purposes. Ingesting juice , extracted from the leaves, seeds and soft stems of the plant, have a very large number of benefits to the human body.

Tulsi juice is very easy to prepare.  It is said to be a highly effective blood purifier, helping in purging toxins from the bloodstream. This has an overall positive  impact on one’s health, in addition to clearing up the skin, and revitalizing the body as a whole.

It also helps in getting rid of intestinal parasites. It is also said that Tulsi juice can help control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


No More Bad Breath

Tulsi is also an astringent and a powerful anti bacterial. This property makes it very useful for countering bad breath and maintaining oral hygiene. You can either dry leaves, powder them and use them as a toothpaste, or simply, chew on a few leaves.  It kills almost all oral bacteria, helping prevent tooth decay and leaves long lasting freshness. A win- win situation.


Helps recover from Skin woes

These same anti bacterial properties can be used to fight acne and pimples. A smooth paste of Tulsi leaves applied to the affected areas, will give effective results overnight.


Relief During Migraines

I suffer from chronic migraines and have spent time and energy into many solutions for not just countering and managing the pain, but the nausea and general feeling of ill health that precedes and follows an attack. A light tea brewed with Tulsi, ginger and lemon, with a bit of sugar for sweetness, has really helped me with this problem.


So go ahead, and give it a try. If not the paste and the juice or the tea, just chew on a few leaves. The only thing you have to lose, is bad breath.

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